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PR Event Planning Workback

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Getting Started

As a public relations professional, I've planned many events over the years, but haven't found a helpful workback in the wild. Given this, I've created my own.
For a tangible starting point, this template is for planning a media dinner at a local restaurant with a few spokespeople from your company, but you can adapt it for any event-planning needs. Customize tasks and tailor deadlines to stay on track.

How to use this doc

Once you have a date and location secured, copy this doc and enter the date at the top of the section.
Invite your fellow event planners to the doc, then assign them as owners in the Owner column of the table.
The section gives you a personal to-do list, which is a view of the main table.
With this doc, you can capture all and track RSVPs of in the same doc to stay organized.

Happy planning!

P.S. If you want planning inspiration for a virtual event, check out Al’s .
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