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Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Planning

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About this doc

Plan a party to remember while staying organized with itineraries, flight schedules and expense splitting
For every maid/matron of honor or best man, we’ve created this template to help you through the planning process. This doc removes the need to use a spreadsheet, calendar tool and bill splitting app or keep up with long email threads. Instead, you can go from planning to execution in the same doc.

This doc will help you:

Coordinate with attendees to pick the best dates for the weekend bash
Organize all lodging and activity options in one place
Decide on an itinerary of activities and map out estimated costs
Capture every groomsman/bridesmaid’s flight details to plan carpools
Settle up expenses and evenly split the costs after the big bash

Quick Start

Head to the section and fill out the details for each person in your party.
Go to the section and
Work with your fiancé(e) of honor to pick out some dates for the party. Then ask each person to enter their availability.
Once you decide on a date, capture all your lodging options in and potential activities in .
Head to the Group Plans folder where you can
Work with the fiancé(e) of honor to narrow down the options and enter a finalized . Be sure to update the group once you have the details nailed down.
Once all travel plans are booked, have each attendee enter their to keep tabs on the group and schedule any carpools to/from the airport, as needed.
After the big event, by having everyone enter any items they paid for

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