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Tracking moments that matter: A CRM from Quentin Clark, General Catalyst's Managing Director

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Tracking moments that matter: A CRM from Quentin Clark, General Catalyst's Managing Director

How I keep track of moments that matter.
I’m a strong believer in the power of innovation—so much so that most of my career has focused on driving change. As an MD in venture capital, an advisor to companies, an angel investor, and a mentor to startup CEOs and enterprise company executives, I try to fully understand a business, a technology, a team. And in the process, I meet more people than I can keep track of.
While a lot of my conversations live in email or text threads, some are worth capturing in a more meaningful way. Whether it’s an inspired meeting with an energetic founder or catching up with an old friend, these personal chats deserve more attention. But moments that matter usually don’t just happen organically—you make them matter with what you do AFTER the moment.

Making the most of moments—with a doc.

Instead of letting moments that matter slip away, I’ve created this CRM to help focus on the action I take when the conversation is over.
During a conversation, meeting, or interaction, I tasks and ideas as they come up, with an emphasis on how I can help the person or situation. Who can I connect this person to? What support can I lend? In jotting these notes down, I allow myself to focus now with a prompt for later to think about the ways I can make a difference.
After the conversation, my notes land in , where I can quickly identify the most actionable items and aggregate them into a to-do list. With a 10-day view of notes, this page also provides me with a birds-eye perspective on potential connections between people and moments.
All the information I track is also added to the last two pages of this doc, and . Although these pages are less about individual moments that matter, they work to strengthen the relationship and connections between moments.

Use this CRM to make your own moments matter.

What will you do with your own moments that matter? You’re welcome to adapt my CRM for your own preferences. All you need to do is
copy this doc
to get started.
Then, head to to customize this doc for you.

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