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Framing Inputs

Product Strategy Refresh: Domain Inputs


We are launching the 2018 Product Strategy Refresh as described in the kickoff document. In order for Dropbox to make thoughtful strategic bets, it is really important for us to receive insights from your domain - we want to learn from what you are best at. Specifically, we want input that would inform what actions we would take over a 1-2 year timeframe based on a 3-4 year outlook. Each “domain” brings its own unique perspective on the users we serve and the broader environment we’re in - we need our product strategy to be built with the best of these unique insights.
Dropbox’s next success needs to lead to millions of new users getting value from what Dropbox has built, and to allow for Dropbox to capture that value financially for its shareholders - doubling the market cap of the company over the coming 3 years.

What this is for your domain:

Key inputs that you are providing based on your knowledge and experience in your domain
Bottom-up insights based on what you and your team see, think, and hear
Intentionally time-bound: not expected to be exhaustive or polished. We care about content, not presentation
Should contain choices that you think need to be made. Choices are only so if deciding one way is not really an option. Make these real prompts back to leadership.
Something written - no more than 7 pages per domain. There will also be an opportunity to present to EPD’s extended leadership.

What this is NOT:

This is not output on broad product strategy
This is not a list of feature requests
We urge you to not think about this as where to play, how to win choices for the full company but rather think about key insights from your domain that can be inputs for strategic bets we make

How this will be used:

We will have a live session with EPD-XLT in which each Domain group shares their input doc, in order to create broad awareness through EPD’s extended leadership of your group’s perspective [note: EPD-XLT consists of all EPD Group Leads, function leads, senior-most ICs, etc.: ~50 people].
EPD Leadership will then use these input docs to inform the product strategy, and may reach out to the domains to set up deep dives or ask additional questions
The input docs will be distributed along with the final Product Strategy Memo as appendices


The following prompts are meant to be food for thought, and in some cases specific asks. Not all prompts apply to each group of course. The PSR team will help ensure we get coverage of these. Note - these are not prioritized in any way, and only very loosely bucketed.
Market landscape
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