Building blocks of a Quantico Partner team

FinOps Lead

Experienced finance leader, providing knowledge and expertise to transform startups
A FinOps Lead is someone who...
juggles between partner work, , roles and squad leadership
has worked in finance leadership positions in a fast growth business or as FinOps Manager
will look at what the business will need from finance function six months into the future and make sure we’re ready ahead of time
understands and navigates the fundraising environment for startups, whether equity or debt
is capable of solving the most complex problems efficiently

How FinOps Leads work with our partners and the team
Works directly with founders/CFOs building their business from within, establishing trust by setting and meeting realistic goals consistently
Builds a relationship with their partners and other team members that is built on trust and mutual understanding.
Is responsible for identifying mutually beneficial opportunities for additional projects or up-sells.
Communicates expectations to partners around deadlines, priorities and problems.
Provides a supportive environment where FinOps Managers and Associates can do their best work.
Identifies developing problems in the relationship before they occur and resolves them

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