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Effortless Reflection, Lasting Impact: AI-Powered Journaling

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Effortless Reflection, Lasting Impact: AI-Powered Journaling

An easy way to get into the habit of journaling, while giving you the flexibility to track and analyze the things you care about.
For the past 2 years, I've integrated journaling into my daily routine with great success. Research shows the numerous benefits of regular journaling, and I can personally attest to them. However, finding the right tool was challenging, as I needed something quick and efficient. I aimed for a maximum of 5 minutes per entry.
One chapter in "The Great CEO Within" caught my attention: "Energy Audit." It emphasizes the importance of focusing on tasks that energize you to enhance performance. The concept is simple yet profound: spend 75-80% of your time on energy-boosting activities. By analyzing my calendar monthly and categorizing tasks as energy-giving or energy-draining, I optimize my time towards the former. This helps me identify my "Zone of Genius" - the tasks I excel at and enjoy the most.
This chapter's practical approach to self-improvement resonated with me. It provides clear steps to identify energizing tasks, shifting our focus to what we love and excel at. It redefines success and satisfaction in our work, leading to greater fulfillment and productivity.
To implement this, I created an AI-powered Coda document:
Categorize daily events as energy-giving or energy-draining.
Use AI to generate a summary paragraph based on the categorization.
Modify the paragraph in 2-3 minutes, eliminating blank page syndrome.
Analyze patterns weekly, making necessary adjustments for better understanding.
Embark on your AI-powered journaling journey and enjoy the benefits! 😄
— Quang, CEO of PlatoHQ



1. Go to and connect your calendar
2. Every day, categorize your events here
3. Then go to each day to fill out your journal entry. AI will summarize your day!
4. See patterns:
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