Some of my favorite rituals to organize a product team: ACME Project Hub

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Welcome to my project hub template!

Hi, I’m Punit! 👋
As a Product Manager serving a number of different teams at Coda, this doc captures some of the best rituals I’ve used to ship product. What’s this template?
It’s a hub: It keeps all the information the team needs in one place, no more sorting through literally 30+ tabs for every project. Everyone knows it’s the single source of truth so they don’t waste time digging around for info (or worse, building based off a stale spec)
It’s for write ups: It enables us to make high quality decisions fast, keeping a historical record of all these decisions as we go.
It’s got trackers: It helps ensure we’re working on the right things at the right time, whether that’s eng tasks or product questions.

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Our team’s goal: Improve user activation by 10% each quarter in 2023

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