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PMA's S.M.A.R.T. Template
S.M.A.R.T. Goals

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Domain & Product


@Immerse self in Product and Domain learning across all key business’s/products
@Scope business & product priorities, focus, and key gaps
@Draft proposal on product focus aligned to business objectives, mitigation plan to address gaps and insight plans to discover new opportunity

Domain & Product Goals
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Goal 2
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Goal 4
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Goal 6
Domain & Product
Training on <Product Name>
Learn customer journey’s
Take a walk in the client's shoes
SWOT on key products
Positioning documents for <Product Name>
Research proposal to build out on what’s known and the known gaps
Demonstratable ability to demo product in 30-60 days
Demonstrable ability to articulate basic CJ for each product
Meet/shadow six clients of Connect
Three SWOTS, one for each product line
One/two-page document with positioning framework and RTB
One plan based on customer-focus
By spending time with product team for hands on training, based in London
CJ maps that currently exist (assumed) shared/walked through with me
Get sales/account managers to set up meetings at client's premises
With 60 days immersive learning and collaboration behind me
Output is a simple PPT slide(s)
Prioritize budget towards goal, in case of constraint, use form of direct-to-client methods
<Product Name> is the key product in the portfolio, deep knowledge required
Closeness to the ‘how’ customers take their journey with <Product Name> paramount to own understanding/thinking
Being ‘in-field’ gives the context that quantitative insights can’t give
View of SWOT across stakeholder’s, key to alignment of challenges and opportunities cross group
Key to understand where product sits in market and customers mind. Does the product reality match or exceed the product promise?
You can never know enough about your clients. Deep insights are a lifeblood of PM
Within 30 days of start date
Within 30-60 days of start date
Within 60-90 days of start date
By 60-90 days of start date
Within 90 days of start date
Within 90 days of draft plan approval

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