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PMA's Messaging framework

A framework to develop effective messaging for your target personas.
Creating simple, cohesive and effective messaging is one of the biggest challenges tons of companies face - but it can make or break your product's success.
This template is your core messaging document and should be used as the foundation for all your messaging efforts.
Do use your persona and positioning work to help shape your messaging.
Don't be tempted to rush this stage - when it comes to messaging, there's no such thing as shortcuts.

Value proposition

Your core value prop is what often shows up on homepage headlines and is a clear, succinct statement of the unique value you offer customers. This should be closely tied to your positioning and have one, clear focal point. Length-wise, you’re looking at around 10-15 words.


A brief background on the profile of the persona you’re targeting - note the emphasis on brief. Think about things like their personality, responsibilities, title, and role in the buying process. Remember, this is a person, not a company or group of people.

Elevator pitch

1 - 2 sentences that incorporate your value proposition. What do you bring to the table that others don’t? Make sure this is unique and captures emotions and the top one to two value points you deliver. If you can try, to squeeze a word or two in about who your target market is, too.

Long description

100-200 words. Again, this should include the value points uncovered in your positioning work, as well as product/feature details, headline benefits, an indication of your target market and maybe even some proof points, too - i.e. names of current customers or anything brag-worthy (like awards, usage or satisfaction stats).
💡 Tip #1: Keep It Super Simple (KISS). Stay away from industry jargon and express your pitch as simply and purely as you can.
💡 Tip #2: Run your pitch through the Readability and/or Hemingway apps to make sure they’re easily understood.
💡 Tip #3: Focus on what you want the recipient to remember after seeing the elevator pitch — i.e. which outcomes and emotions should they have and feel.

Tone of voice

Formal? Conversational? Punchy? Friendly? Your persona research should uncover this. This section should include 3-4 adjectives that describe your ideal voice and it’s also a good idea to include some before and after examples of what that voice sounds like so everyone’s super clear on what they’re aiming for.


What outcomes are possible because of your product/solution? List them as simple, concise bullet points here.
Outcome #1
Outcome #2
Outcome #3

Customer requirements

Requirement #1
Requirement #2

💡 What 1-2 things are crucial to your persona to convert? Keep this short and specific.
Outcome pillars
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