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PMA's Launch tier framework

Use this launch tier framework to decide which priority your launch falls under and what kind of pre and post-launch assets you'll need to build and roll out.
Not all features are created equally and not every launch will deserve all the bells and whistles of a big announcement.
So, one of the most important questions you need to answer before your feature announcement kick-off session is, ‘What should the announcement priority level be?’

Step 1: Priority matrix

Plot your new product or feature on the matrix and determine which priority number it sits under. Remember, there can be different priorities within a priority - for example, a release that matches the market and wins new customers might be considered more of a Priority #2+ if you're only the second person in the market to offer it. Or, a Priority #1 that's not only new + innovative but also an environmental breakthrough might be given even more attention.
Keep existing customers
Win new customers
New + innovative
Priority 2
Priority 1
Match the market
Priority 3
Priority 2

Step 2: Use checklist below

Once you've agreed on your priority level, use the below checklists as a guideline for what's needed for launch. Although these lists aren't prescriptive, be careful not to over or under launch a product/feature by straying from them too much.


There are
items on the checklist.
Priority 1 items complete:
Priority 2 items complete:
Priority 3 items complete:

Reset Checklist
Priority 1
Priority 2
Priority 3
In-app message
Update existing webpages
Add new webpages
Demo video
Social campaign
PPC campaign
Partner campaign
Internal training
Blog posts
Case studies
Customer campaign
Press release
Launch event
Sales battlecard
Competitor comparison

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