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PMA Sales script template

A sales script template to help your sales reps position your product and brand in the right way to your target audience.
If the option’s there, providing your sales team with a sales script is a great opportunity to a) take learnings from top performers and roll them out across the rest, and b) regain a level of control over how your reps are positioning your product.


💡 Tip #1: sales scripts shouldn’t be positioned to your reps as something to recite. After all, there’s nothing more phony than someone on the other end of the phone who’s clearly reading something word-for-word. Instead, this should be used as a prompt to guide the direction of the call.
💡 Tip #2: pitches should be tailored to segments and/or personas. E.g. People in the C-suite usually want to get to the point quickly and so the RRR method is usually best: relevance, request, and reward. Relevance is why they should care (reference customers, competitors, personal details about them/their work), request is time for a demo/learn more, and reward is what the aforementioned relevance achieved - time, money, deeper insight, etc.
No-brainer, we know, but start by getting the sales rep to introduce themselves, your company and your product. This should be very brief - if they go in too hard, too soon, people will just hang up.
Hi, this is [insert name] from [company name], I’m just calling about our [product name].
E.g. Hi, this is Bryony from Product Marketing Alliance, I’m just calling about our membership plans.
Build a rapport
Getting the prospect to feel comfortable and actually like the sales rep is half the battle to setting up the rest of the call, so follow-up with a light-hearted and personalized question - a bit of LinkedIn searching should give your salespeople something to work with.
I saw you got promoted recently, congrats! How are you finding your new role?
I saw you moved jobs recently, how are you settling in with the new company?
I noticed you used to work at [company name], I did too! Was [ex-colleague name] still there when you were?
I checked out your recent post/article on [insert topic] and it was a really interesting read, so thanks for that. What led to you writing that, if you don’t mind me asking?

💡 Tip: there’s a lot of psychology around getting people to say ‘yes’ early on, so if you can, ask questions you know the answer will be yes to, too.
Get stuck in
Time’s of the essence - for both you and your prospect - so once you’ve established that relationship, get your salespeople to casually move onto what they really called for.
So I mentioned at the start I work for [company name] and our [product name] help people in the [market category] field achieve X, Y, and Z. I put together a demo on how [people with similar job titles] can increase [relevant KPI], and I was wondering if you had some time to walk through that together?
E.g. So I mentioned at the start I work for PMA and our membership plans help people in the product marketing field up-skill themselves and improve their product’s success and career prospects. I put together a demo on how Senior Product Marketing Managers can increase their leadership skills, and I was wondering if you had some time to walk through that together?
Prospect says ‘yes’ = move to discovery
Prospect says ‘no’ = objection handling
Objection Handling
Don’t let objections go to waste and give your reps ways to turn them into opportunities. For example:
Prospect: “I don’t have time right now”
You: “Would you like to book some time in for later in the week?”
Prospect: “I don’t think this is for me, thanks.”
You: “If you have time, it’d be great to understand what other challenges you might be facing/looking for support with,” OR, “Do you think something like this might be beneficial to some of your colleagues?”
This phase is all about your reps understanding whether or not the prospect’s actually a match for your product - i.e. is your price point feasible for them? Are they speaking to the right person within the organization? And it’s also the time to nudge the person on the other end of the phone into realizing they have a problem that can be solved.
Before you get going, ask for permission and get them to consistently say ‘yes’ and invite you in with something like:
“So before we get stuck in, I’d love to ask a couple of questions so I can tailor the demo to you and your needs. Do you have a minute or two now to go through some quick questions?”
Discovery questions:
Use the BANT framework to pull out the information your sales reps need, i.e.:
Budget: “What’s your budget?”
Authority: “Who’s responsible for purchase decisions at your organization?”
Need: “What challenges are you currently facing? And how do you currently go about bridging that gap?”
Timeframe: “How soon are you looking to find and implement a solution?”

And make sure you have objection handling scenarios prepared for each.
💡 Tip: share the prospect’s pain while you’re going through your discovery questions, and reiterate their answer in your response to a) enforce what they’re telling you, and b) show you’re intently listening and understanding their problems, wants and needs.
“I understand, and I speak to a lot of people who say [briefly repeat the points the prospect just mentioned].”
“That makes sense, it’s usually the case that [insert job title]s have the final say for these kinds of purchases.”

Remember: even if the prospect doesn’t convert, these sorts of questions will provide you with lots of qualitative research to analyze.
Show the demo
Invite for a followup
Once you’ve piqued the prospect’s interest, keep the momentum going and proactively move them to the next stage of the funnel.
If you’re interested, I could get one of our product specialists to show you around our solution so you can see how it works?
Prospect responds with a yes
Great, do you have 15 minutes tomorrow or the day after? I can get that booked in for you right away.
Note: how we’re driving urgency - you want to get them booked in while you’re initial call is still fresh and if you think in days or weeks, they will too.
Prospect responds with a no
Not a problem, do you think this is something you might be interested in, in the future at all? Or are there any other areas around [insert goals] you’re currently struggling with?
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