PMA sales playbook template

Use this sales playbook template for sales reps to follow a specific process when selling to prospects.
sales playbook
is a record of objectives, product details, and the specific procedure you want reps to follow during the sales process. Maybe there are certain questions you want them to ask, content you want them to share, or particular pieces of information you need them to reference.

To be truly effective, it should be easy for reps to access, clear to understand and fit into their existing workflows. The idea is that they regard it as a useful resource they can reference any time they are interacting with a contact. It can be as broad or specific as you want it to be - you don’t need to include all of the sections in this template if they’re not relevant to your business - but treat it as a ‘living document’ that can be updated or amended to respond to changes in business policies, new product offerings, reps’ feedback, etc.

1. Company overview

2. Product portfolio

3. Market insights

4. Buyer personas or ideal customer profiles

5. Sales methodology

6. Sales cadence

7. Tech stack guidelines and best practice

8. Compensation plan and commission structure

9. Messaging

10. Supporting content and resources

11. KPIs

12. Examples of ‘good performance’

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