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PMA Jobs-to-be-Done canvas

A jobs-to-be-done framework is important to understand your buyers intent. Use this canvas to answer questions about your buyers.
The jobs-to-be-done principal involves getting to the root of what people purchase your product for and every purchase a person makes has a job-to-be-done behind it. Here’s an example of a jobs-to-be-done canvas which helps you unpack the who, how, what, why, where and when of the job at hand, and drilling into each of these areas is essential in ensuring you fully understand the buyer’s intent.

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What's the job-to-be done?
When someone purchases your product, what exactly are they planning on primarily using it for? Your response to this question should not be based on internal assumptions and must come from your customers.
Who's carrying out the job?
This is the end user. For B2C companies this is usually the buyer too but remember, if you're in B2B, often, the user and buyer are two different people.
Why do they want to do this job?
What motivated them to go out and look for a solution in the first place? What pains does it solve? And what gains do users achieve? I.e. Relieve boredom, speed up processes, cut departmental spending, etc.
When and where do they do the job?
How does your product feature in their life? I.e. Is it something they use everyday? Or once a month? In work or at home? As a micro-task in a bigger job or for a standalone job?
How does the job get done?
To get their desired outcome, what must customers do? Is there anything that could get in the way of the customer successfully getting the job done? If so, what are these barriers? And how can they overcome them?
How does your customer feel?
What emotions do your customers want or expect to feel after they've completed the job?
What other jobs do they use your product for?
Outside of the core reason they purchased your product, what other jobs do they use it for? These jobs might be before, during or after the primary job, and could be directly related or unrelated to that main job.
What outcomes are essential?
What outcomes are essential for the user to complete the job with a smile on their face? These must be tended to. In this section, also outline what's needed to impove satisfaction, but perhaps isn't essential or highly important - these nice-to-haves can contribite to a better overall experience.
What outcomes are irrelevant?
What don't your users care about? These are a waste of time, money and resource and should not be included.
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