The Website Overview

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The Website Overview

Sometimes solving content problems needs to take center stage, but when stakeholders can't focus on what goes where - because they've decided that they don't like the picture or the color scheme or the typography - those problems go unaddressed. So we stripped a website down to its most basic parts, and now anyone can add content and decide where it goes.
Here's how it works:
Map out the
Decide on the
Figure out which categories go on which page(s)
Add and categorize the
Share the doc with whoever needs to see it

For the purposes of this exercise, content is divided into Text, Info, and Event. These "buckets" are easy enough to understand and use consistently by different people who enter content. It also allows you, as the web designer, to figure out what their vision of their website is.
Text is static, unchanging text that lives on the website without being changed over the course of the academic year. It directs the user to information that we want her/him to have, but not necessarily take action on. Text exists in only one place on the website.
Info is a chunk of information that can be used on different parts of the website, and/or a piece of information that you want users to take action on. To differentiate between Text and Info, ask yourself whether this is something you want your users to do something with or not. If you do, then it's Info. If you don't, then it's Text.
an Event is an event. All Events are Info; not all Infos are Events.
We like to have a place for and instructions for how to comment.
The gives an overview of each page of the website and how many things are on that page, and each page has it's own section. Because it's Coda, people can add content to the individual pages instead of to the 'All Content' section, which is helpful if you have stakeholders who are afraid of computers. (Hey, they're out there. Let's include them.)

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