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Hi, I’m Praful.

Poker player turned Product Manager, I look at the world in terms of EV (Estimated Value) or rather EI (Estimated Impact). I am a designer at heart and love solving hard tech and business problems that make an impact. I am either smiling or looking super serious. If it’s the latter, I am probably thinking about work or food.
✉️ : 📞 :

💼 Work experience

Group Product Manager
Joveo Aug’22 - Present 8 mos

Leading 3 charters @ Joveo
Ad Tracking Platform
Supplier Side Platform (SSP) and Publisher Integration
New initiatives
Leading a 3 member team of 1 SPM and 2 PMs

Senior Product Manager

Joveo Jan’22 - Aug’228 mos

Led the Ad tracking platform. Defined the vision and strategy for 2022
Led the re-architecture of our entire Tracking system to better align to our business needs
Built our proprietary Cookie-less tracking solution which improved our conversions by 60% and a net revenue impact of over $200K/month
Revamped our number freezing process to consistently freeze numbers within 3 days every month. This used to take 12-15 days every month

Product Manager

Joveo • •Jan’20 - Dec’21 2 yrs

Built a PMF for our Job board clients. This helped us acquire few of our biggest customers and doubled our revenue at the time
Led customer research and built one of our flagship product MOJO Go from scratch. The MVP was instrumental in winning on of our biggest customers to date and generate 10% of our revenue at the time
Built User Management functionality to help manage users across Joveo suite of products
Led the efforts to build our own design system - IRIS

Associate Product Manager

Joveo Jul’19 - Dec’19 • 6 mos
Revamped our Feed Mapping feature used to map job feeds to Joveo’s internal fields. Time taken to map a feed improved from tens of mins (and in many cases hours) to literally seconds with over 95% success rate
Built a Pixel helper plugin to identify Joveo pixels and any issues with them
Built Platform filters to to help user slice and dice data to their needs

APM Intern

Joveo Jan’19 - Jun’196 mos
Did user research and competitive analysis to identify the top areas where we need to invest
Worked on some key features to help users trade more efficiently

💬 Here’s what my teammates say about me

(excerpts from our company wide anonymous peer review)

Praful is one of the rarest personality, he inspires people around him to think and produce the best work possible.

His eye for detail in catching bugs helped us deliver best quality products.

His love for finding the core problems and solving is infectious. This helped us very well in doing good qualitative research for our products.

Always thinking about how to make the product better.

📚 Education

M.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics

2014-2019, BITS Pilani, India

B.E (Hons) in Electronics and Communication

2014-2019, BITS Pilani, India


Co-founder & CEO Cone (YC S22) | Co-founder @ Joveo
| +91 9908-664-986
He was the CPO and my manager at Joveo

Engineering Manager @ Facebook | Co-founder @ Joveo
| +44 7977-266-168
He was the co-founder and my manager at Joveo

Director of Engineering @ Joveo
| +91 7032-919-314
He is my engineering counterpart here at Joveo

Senior Product Manager @ Joveo
| +91 9542-980-460
He is my direct report here at Joveo

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