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Rambling Pete's Coda Corner

Rambling Pete's Coda Corner

After a long, and successful career as an SAP consultant I have now switched to Coda.
I focus on the no-code aspect of Coda. There is a huge amount of functionality that can be unlocked simply using linked tables, filters, buttons and a smattering of formulas. I can build bespoke formulas if needed, and make use of existing Packs to enhance the basic Coda functionality.
While doing SAP consulting, I did work for
Toyota - Largest automotive manufacturer in the world
BHP Billiton - Largest mining company in the world
Coca-Cola - Largest non alcoholic carbonated beverage producer, also the worlds most valuable brand.
Now I want to use my 25+ years of experience to benefit the other side of the business spectrum - small and medium enterprises. Spreadsheets are wonderful tools to help with the admin of your business, but Coda is an order of magnitude better.
I offer the following services
Doc review and advice/ acting as a soundboard
I have the ability to assist users to understand and develop their user requirements, and then translate that into simple technical solutions. I am very good at explaining concepts and enjoy teaching. This is charged on an hourly basis.
Develop bespoke documents
I also build documents to user-requirements, with an emphasis on the no-code functionality. I wil provide a fixed price quote based on the requirement provided.

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