Owen Strachan : Christianity and wokeness

Christianity and Wokeness - Preview

Owen Strachan – Christianty and Wokeness
Before I discuss the specific comments that Strachan makes in his book, I would like to spend some time on his general assumptions.
The America that Strachan lives in
BLM is a violent movement. - 93% of the BLM marches during 2020 were completely peaceful.
Thinking that Wokeness is concerned about Christianity.
I think this might just be the biggest mistake that Strachan makes. For the woke crowd, Christianity is a non-issue, irrelevant. At best a quaint anachronism from the past, that has utterly failed in its promises.
The promise of Christianity was “peace and well being to the world, for Christ is come”. The black experience in America has been one of hundreds of years of slavery, breakdown of the nuclear family through rape and the indiscriminate sale of children and family members, violence against its people, the denying of their human dignity. Emancipation was supposed to be the relief from slavery, instead Jim Crow, lynchings, the KKK and the southern legislatures and government structures in the southern states perpetuated the oppression of blacks. Where black politicians won elections, legislatures refused to seat them. Blacks fought in WW2, but when they came back to the USA, they were excluded from the benefits of the GI Bill. Red-lining excluded blacks from home financing, which precluded them from building inter-generational wealth. By 1965 5% of the blacks in Mississippi were registered to vote. And we all know what happened in the 1960’s when blacks started voter registration drives. And in 2010 the 1965 voter registration act was gutted by the Supreme Court. Immediately Republican States started passing voter restriction laws, in some instances openly admitting that restricting the black vote was going to be the only way that they could keep winning elections. And since Trump started spreading the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen 19 States have implemented laws that in various ways have the intention of protecting right-wing political power.
And Strachan has the audacity to attack wokeness as an assault on Christianity?! (European – i.e. white) Christianity is its own worst enemy. The woke movement is seeking to high-light past and present racial injustice. It is utterly indifferent to religion, Christianity or anything else.
Wokeness grew out of CRT, CRT grew out of Marxism.
Wokeness is a term that originates from the middle 20th century, in popular culture.
CRT is a body of academic work, dating from the 1970’s. It specifically addresses the ways in which laws implement and perpetuate racism.
Marxism and Communism grew as a response to the excesses of capitalism, where yes, the oppressors oppressed the poor. People think that Marx and English had these off the cuff ideas because they wanted to overthrow society just for the fun of it. NO. They developed their societal ideas as a response to a deeply flawed society in which they lived.
And yes there will be touchpoints between wokeness, Marxism and CRT, because the bad guys in all three stories are rich, white, men. It definitely does not mean that CRT grew out of Marxism
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