Rambling Pete Bio

Thoughts and Ideas about topics I find interesting. UBI. Economics. Renewables. The Future. And how it all intersects.
I was born and raised in South Africa. Moved to the USA in 2009, moved to Japan in 2016, Moved back to the USA in 2020.
During that time I have worked in South Africa, The Netherlands, The Philippines, China, Germany, The USA and Japan. I am a Caucasian, that has been influenced by Ubuntu in South Africa, Verzuiling in The Netherlands, rugged Individualism in the USA and by something in Japan. There is no one-word definition for Japanese culture, but some hallmarks are the importance of the group, industriousness and good manners

I have been happily married since 1990, with three children, all three are now settled in the USA’

I trained as an Auditor and Accountant, but have always had a major interest in computing. I transitioned from Accounting to SAP implementations in 1996, and then started travelling the world for work. I do Finance and Controlling implementations, but prefer Controlling. I am currently busy with my first S/4HANA project.
I am busy transitioning from SAP implementations to new areas for my retirement/ post SAP career. What areas I am not entirely certain myself....
Playing around with productivity/note taking/ whatever software like CODA.

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