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MONIE Orchards - Property Investment Club

Collect 4 green houses, upgrade to one red hotel.... Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

Goal of this Coda Doc

This document was created to manage a property investment
There are sections to manage Properties, Investors, Business Partners (e.g. tenants) and Accounting.
A side goal of the Doc was to serve as the capstone project for my Coda DOCtorate training course.

Target audience

The target audience is individuals and groups that have properties that they own, and need to rent out. The core part of the document is the Properties section. The Investors section can be left out without impacting the rest of the doc, it is only useful if there are multiple investors taking part in the club.
The Accounting section is optional, but strongly recommended. It provides the ability to calculate a P&L statement for each property, and better integration with the rest of the Doc than what a normal accounting package would do.
If needed, Coda has a Quickbooks accounting pack that will allow the Coda doc to read accounting information directly from Quickbooks.

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