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Family History with Photo Albums

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This is a template for a Coda enabled Family Memory Collection.
It has room for
photo albums with comments
a timeline to record events (births, deaths and everything in-between
a page per person to record anecdotes, and for example, school history.
Make a copy of this template, and amend to your your requirements.

Add new family member:
New Family Member
Fill in the form, and click on the “Make New Family Member Page” button to open a page for the person.
The template contains a few suggested headings. There are also two tables, one for the person’s children, the second for a list of events in the person’s life. This can be modified to your hearts content, also add new subpages to group information if needed. (Enter /subpage )
To add an entry to the Timeline table click here:
Timeline event

Other ideas:
Add section for family recipes, and link the recipe to events where it was enjoyed, so that others can recreate that memorable dish.
Add a section to plan joint family events. The anticipation is part of the fun!

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