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Tracking your year, 1 hour every month.
Tracking your year, 1 hour every month.
At the end of the year we all are trying to do a yearly review. Very often, this review cannot be done properly because we did not track anything all year. Yearli enables you to track your overall well-being all year around without being a slave to a habit tracker or manager.
Step 1
All you have to is take one hour of time each month to enter your basic financial and well being data from your reading, meditation, social media and gym apps. Simply enter the total for the current month. Once added your growth dashboard is updated automatically to display your yearly review-in-progress and for each month.
Once you’ve completed step 1, you can now rate your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health as well as your overall well being for the month and reflect on one questions for the month, automatically generated. Like in step 1, the yearli Growth Dashboard display monthly data and a yearly average for each of these categories.
You can also track your weekly essentials habits as well as. The total will displayed in the dashboard are you complete them each week.

Click on
Create My Dashboard
to start tracking your year. Once you are familiar with the app delete the current data by clicking on the following buttons
Clear Financial Data
Clear WellBeing Data
Clear Weekly Habits Data
so you can start adding your own from a blank database.

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