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Project Planning For Creatives

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Using The System

The PPC is a planning system designed for creative people whose minds wander in the middle of important projects or who always need to rethink steps for a project that will be done repetitively. I often find myself in a crazy situation in the middle of a project because people whom I assign tasks don't fully understand them or waste a lot of time thinking about what to do because there’s no guide or system in place.

This system wants to be a guide for anyone who wants to stay on track on a project without overthinking it and by saving a lot of brain power that goes with everyday planning for a process that should be systemized.

Language of the system
Tools: The tools (people, things, software) needed to accomplish a task
Cost in time: How much time a specific action or step will take to be accomplished
Cost in Currency: How much money is necessary to accomplish a specific step or action
Folder: Where are the tools or places where a specific action or step can be done?
Quantity: How often an action should get repeated to be completed (copies, people, prints, words, paragraphs)
Start Date: When you are starting this task
Deadline: The last time (date) this action should be performed to be marked as completed
Bottleneck: The one-step which requires more resources (time, people, and money) or that cannot be done simultaneously with other ones.
Red: Highlight the urgent and important step in red
Green: Highlight the important step in green
Black: Highlight the bottleneck in black
SIS: Small Important Step
SUS: Small Urgent Step
BIS: Big Important Step
BUS: Big Urgent Step

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