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Leadershift - An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership
An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership

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In this first module you will engage in a journey of awareness development and discovery of your true nature. We’ll look into our consciousness as a leader, we will reveal our talents and we will experience and explore our learning edge, knowing that each of us, like any other human being, have developed specific self-protection strategies and patterns. This new awareness will enable you to make new radical choices towards realizing your purpose.
Skills & Capacities
Who we are at the very core of our being
How to become more aware and present to ourselves
How to develop and learn to trust your intuition, and to tap into your inner wisdom
How to scale your leadership

In this stage, you’ll experience practices such as conscious bathing in pure dynamized water, immersion in Nature, awakening of the senses through body massage, meditation, breathwork, rituals and poetry. These practices help you reconnect with your heart and body intelligence, expand your self awareness and learn to be in touch with the being space within you.

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