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Comparing the data from the last complete month (June 2023) with the previous period (May 2023), there were increases in Active Users, Sessions, and Engaged Sessions for most campaigns. However, the Session Conversion Rate for all campaigns remained at 0.01% or below.
For future performance, it may be worth analyzing why the Session Conversion Rate is low and exploring ways to increase it. Additionally, it may be beneficial to review the CPC for each campaign and see if there are any opportunities to optimize and decrease costs.
An anomaly in the data is the ROAS for DSE - Brand - Max Imp. Share in June 2023, which is significantly higher than the ROAS for the same campaign in May 2023. Further analysis may be needed to determine the cause of this increase.


Active Users: Target - 2000, Current - 2584
Sessions: Target - 6222, Current - 3102
Advertiser Ad Clicks: Target - 2200, Current - 6727
Ad Spend: Target - €250.00, Current - €781.85
Bounce Rate: Target - < 50%, Current - 30.27%
Session Conversion Rate: Target - 1%, Current - 0.97%
Transactions: Target - 12, Current - 30
Revenue: Target - €2,500.00, Current - €3,858.01


Active users increased by 22.1% (462 users) from May to June.
Sessions increased by 24.3% (607 sessions) from May to June.
Advertiser ad clicks increased by 11.7% (713 clicks) from May to June.
Ad spend remained the same in both months.
Engaged sessions increased by 23.4% (412 sessions) from May to June.
Bounce rate decreased by 1.45 percentage points from May to June.
Session conversion rate decreased by 0.03 percentage points from May to June.
Transactions increased by 20% (5 transactions) from May to June.
Revenue increased by 97.5% (€1,900.25) from May to June.
ROAS increased by 98.8% (€2.43) from May to June.
CPC decreased by 8.3% (€0.01) from May to June.
Suggestions to improve future performance:
Consider optimizing campaigns with high bounce rates to improve user engagement.
Test different ad creatives to improve advertiser ad click-through rates.
Monitor session conversion rates across campaigns and optimize accordingly.
Analyze the performance of individual campaigns to identify areas for improvement.


How much did the number of active users change from the previous period?
The number of active users increased from 2122 in May 2023 to 2584 in June 2023, resulting in a net increase of 462 active users.


Dear [💼 Client Info],
I am pleased to present to you the monthly report for your business, Dreampools s.r.o, for the month of June 2023. We have compared the data from June 2023 with the data from the previous period, which was May 2023.
In June 2023, your website had a total of 2063 sessions, which is 27.4% higher than the previous period. The engaged sessions also increased by 27.8%, from 1149 to 1470. However, the bounce rate slightly increased from 29.07% to 28.74%. Your website had a session conversion rate of 0.01%, which is the same as the previous period.
Your advertising campaigns performed well in June 2023. The DSE - Brand - Max Imp. Share campaign had the highest ROAS of 25.5, followed by DSH - Standard with 7.43 and DSA - All webpages with 2. We suggest allocating more budget to these campaigns to increase their overall performance.
We recommend optimizing the DD - 23.5 and Shopping Free Listings campaigns as they did not generate any revenue in June 2023. Additionally, we suggest identifying the reason behind the low session conversion rate and high bounce rate to improve the user experience on your website.
Thank you for trusting us with your business.
Best regards,
[Your Name]

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