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The Tik Tac Toe Tutorial

Mad 6114 W23 Class operations notebook

February 24: Class Contents
2 fields and A BUTTON React App:

Building the basic REACT App to lay the foundation for the PROJECT

Project Milestone is due Monday February 27. I know that is Reading Week : You are free to submit your Milestone Planning Document by end of day Friday: We will work on it class.
25% of Grading Rubric is your MileStone of your Project Plan.

25% of your Project Grade is your Class Attendance - Since if you were not in class, I need to wonder how exactly you did the project.

Here are your Requirements for your Milestone:
Your Latex Page is set up on Overleaf.
setup a TRELLO Board, put LINK into Overleaf Latex : Your Trello Board is setup.
DONE: You send me your OverLeaf Latex URL

Start adding to your Latex Document described the purpose of an operation of your Project.
You have provided a technology architecture plan for your Project.
Make your UML and your UI Prototyping in or any other tool to do this.

Activity A: Put your Team’s Project Plan together:
What to do now:
DONE: Make Latex document
In Progress: Make TRELLO Board:
Next: UML, UI Prototyping
Address the concerns noted below:
Get me the URL for OverLeaf Latex Document: Put the Link to your TRELLO in Latex
make an editor of Latex and TRELLO
When done: Upload your Overleaf/TRELLO LINK in a text file, with team members’ names and student ID, and Team Name, to :

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.