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Instructions for using this doc to write and share posts as well as manage subscribers
This doc was made for the situation of wanting to share some written pieces to a smallish group of people. This doc can share via email, but also provides an interface for anyone to view the posts.
I added a couple extensions (tiers and tags) beyond my current usage requirements and I’m sure more can be built on top of it.
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Instructions/overview for the pages and structure of this doc

These instructions are also available with a video narration

To write posts, click the “New Post” button. This will open up a modal where you can add all parts of the post. Anything written or changed here initially will be saved.
Post actions
All actions are available in , , .
A post can be published/unpublished to the public, which means that it is viewable on the page. This can be done at any time. However, prior to sharing via email, the post must have a tier, a title, and non empty content. A post can be shared via email multiple times, and posts can also be deleted.
When writing content, please keep in mind that the canvas layout will not be preserved in the emails. Further, in emails, anything based on a table (cards, timelines, etc...) will appear as tables.
You can add more possible tags in or when adding tags within any posts table. You can also add colors to the tags as desired here.

Managing subscribers consists of changing information including tiers and followed tags manually. Note that with enough snooping, the subscriber list and all information including emails is not private to only yourself.
You can add more possible tiers in or when adding a tier to a post.
You can create a welcome email template in the welcome email config section. In addition to sending these out in batches, these welcome emails can be sent out manually from the table.
Not exemplified in this doc: You can potentially use the (or yet to be created packs as of March 10 2022) to enhance how subscriptions are managed. Additionally, in it’s current implementation, the subscriptions only affect access to posts, but all other capabilities such as commenting on posts are available but additional effort may allow for different capabilities to be granted to different subscription tiers.

You can add information to an “about” section here or add whatever else is needed. This is also where people can subscribe (with an initial set of tags to get emailed about). Note that they must be signed in as a Coda user to do so. New subscriptions automatically start as a Free tier subscription.
Users can manage their subscriptions in . Here, they can change various information, unsubscribe but also request a change in their subscription tier. When a change is requested, a new entry appears in to be approved or denied manually. The doc’s current implementation does not support associating tier changes with payment, so if desired, you must arrange that externally or extend this doc (potentially with the , or yet to be created packs (as of March 10 2022)).
At the page, subscribers can view all posts that they have access to. They can also filter these posts by just the tags they followed or a custom set of tags. Non-subscribers will see only the posts available to the free tier and will not be able to easily select only followed tags. Finally, up to 5 posts that the subscriber cannot see due to tier restrictions will be shown.

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