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Lean-Agile Portfolio Management for a Modern Strategic Planning
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Lean Business Case

Template Page. This template serves the purpose of developing a Lean Business case for Epics and Enablers
Note: This is a Stand-Alone Table that may be used as-is
or developed into a full-fledged Coda-Doc.
Template - Lean Business Case
General Aspects
Name of the Epic or Enabler
<Write Here a Short Descriptive Name>
Funnel Entrance Date
(Utilizado para seguimiento y análisis KanBan)
Epic Owner
<Write Here Epic Owner's Name>
Key Stakeholders
<List key stakeholders>
Epic Description
<Write here a description of the epic as used in the epic document>
Business Hypothesis
<Write here how epic success will be measured, in concrete and quantitative terms>
Innovations and Analysis
Key Innovation Indicators
<Write here key accounting indicators that will measure innovation and hypothesis results. For example, changes in demography of buyers 30 days after deployment of product or service>
Out of Scope
Non Functional requirements
MVP characteristics
Additional Potential characteristics
Summary of the analysis
<Write here a summary of the analysis to build up the business case>
Go / No-Go
<Final recommendation>
Solution Analysis
Which internal or external clients will be affected?
<Write here a description of affected user communities and markets>
Which is the potential impact of solutions, programs and services?
<Write here solutions, programs, services, equipment, departments, etc. that have been identified as being impacted by this epic>
Which is the potential impact of sales, distribution, deployment and support?
<Write here for external solutions or products, the description of any potential impact in relation to how the product is sold, distributed or deployed>
Cost Forecast
Estimated Prototyping Costs - MVP
<Write here required investment to finance prototyping (MVP)
Estimated Implementation Costs
<Write here estimated total cost of implementation of the epic in case the prototyping were successful and the hypothesis were proved to be real. This estimated should be refined in time. Initially it could be a range>
<The refined estimated should identified updates of materials and implementation costs derived from the experiments>
Profit Forecast
Type of Profit
<Write here if it is a greater market shre, greater sales, more productivity, new markets, etc.>
Development Strategy
Home made or third party development
<Write here a recommendation about where the epic should be developed>
Incremental implementation strategy
<Write here the strategy of implementation. Epics are defined as a whole, but the have an incremental implementation>
Sequences and dependencies
<Write here a description of constraints in sequencing of epics, and identify any potential dependencies with other epics or solutions>
Additional Data
<Write here any other documentation to support. Hyperlinks, data, feasibility studies, market studies, models, and so on, used to create the lean business case>
Other Notes and Commentaries
<Write here any other additional information that may be relevant to the Lean Portfolio Management Group>

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