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Lean-Agile Portfolio Management for a Modern Strategic Planning
2. OKR's at Portfolio Level

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2.3 Epics and Enablers

Event Page. Here we establish a prioritized working list of all initiatives, in the form of Epics and Enablers that will help us achieve OKR's
There should be no more than three Epics or Enablers for each OKR Defined previously. The objective is to Brainstorm to generate Big Ideas such as:
1) New Business Opportunities
2) Cost Savings
3) Marketplace Changes
4) Mergers and Acquisitions
5) Problems with existing Solutions

Strategic Planning Team Members should do the following Steps:
STEP 1: Enter Epic/Enabler short name and value statement at own discretion. Use one row for each one
STEP 2: Group and consolidate similar Epics/Enablers. Add or delete rows as necessary
STEP 3: Upvote or downvote Epics/Enablers to prioritize them. Differentiate Epics from Enablers
STEP 4: If more than three Epics/Enablers were established, maintain only the most relevant ones
STEP 5: Agree on final list of Epics/Enablers for each Key Result
STEP 6: Choose an Epic/Enabler Owner for each one
Initiatives / Epics and Enablers
Brainstorming of Epics and Enablers
Key Results
Short Name
Is this an Epic or an Enabler?
Value Statement
Delete Row

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Epics and Enablers
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