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Choosing between an ADP or a Dissertation

You have come to a point in your educational journey that is so exciting. In this phase, you will move from a student to a researcher and then a content expert. As your chair, I am excited to be your professor, mentor, editor, and in some cases, friend.
This is not a sprint; it is a marathon, and slow and steady will win the race. While it seems overwhelming at first, as you dig in and go step by step it gets easier.

Still do not know what you want to research and write about? Try the method below.

Step 1 - What inspires or interests you?
Step 2 - Use Google Scholar to search the topic.
Step 3 - Go to the section “Recommendations for Future Research”
Step 4 - Does it call for your research to be done? If so, then you have found your topic :)

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