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Soapy Brushy Update | March 13, 2023

Meeting Agenda

Current Projects ($100,000) being managed in ClickUp
Debrief of The Car WACS show (approx $300,00 in leads that have to be vetted yet)
Funnel Update (High Probability only approx 2 Million) show Coda

Website was updated (temporary)
Need for quick rebranding (spoke to Lisanne already 2-3 days)
issues are color pallet (Lisanne would like to take new swing at logo)
require positioning (Independent Marketing for the Car Wash Industry)
play on the word “Independent” targeting non-franchise carwash companies 1-10 locations AND Non associates with equipment or chemical (HUGE DEAL)
New website to emphasize our UVP
Expand into Service sector of CW industry
Campaign STOP the random Acts of Marketing. We aim to get them to hire us as Fractional Marketing Division of their company.
Tudor Matei Web producer (has a small team)
ClickUp (Project Management)
CRM (Fresh Sales)
Guru (Process management)
Las Vegas Show
Equity Build Service *
Sampling Program

Royal Reeslink
Empire Esso

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