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Portland City Guide


I highly recommend staying in an AirBnb you can walk to great food. My two favorite neighborhoods to stay/walk around in are highlighted in purple :
between Hawthorne and Division in SE
Alberta in NE


Portland is bi-sected west/east by the Willamette River. $ - cost money *- be sure to get a reservation in advance


Inner-west is “downtown” so lots of commercial businesses, music venues, and very cool restaurants. However, I would... not park around here at night if you can avoid it - and never leave stuff in your car. Further west are beautiful parks and were all the basketball players and Nike execs live.
Portland Japanese Garden - gorgeous peaceful walk through amazing gardens and a tea house. I almost always take folks here and the Rose Garden. $
Rose Test Garden- Free, a showcase of rose breeding. In the summer this is awesome
Multnomah Whiskey Library - if you like whiskey, this will be spiritual. You need to make a reservation aka “get a Hall Pass” but trust me it is a worth-while experience. *
Powell’s Books - An entire city block, be sure to check out the rare books room!
Ground Kontrol - epic arcade, be sure to check out the... bathroom
- smaller than the Japanese garden but far superior tea house. $
Portland Zoo - Not unique but still great $
OMSI - Very cool, interactive museum. Check out what’s being shown $
Council Crest Park - if it’s a clear day, you can see Mt. Hood, Jefferson, Rainier and Mt. St. Helen’s
Nearby shopping - Pendleton, Danner, Arc’trex


This is my side of town. Lots of neighborhoods are a blast to just walk around, grab snacks, check out cool local shops, food cart pods, visit record stores, etc
McMenamins Edgefield - If you have some time and like wine this is an epic, historically restored property that has their own distillery, winery, farm, movie theater, like three restaurants. (McMenamins is a local chain. They buy old properties and fill them with local artists murals, tiny themed bars. It’s such a thing that they have a passport and you collect stamps. It’s fun)
Kennedy School - If you want to stay closer to town, this is a must. It’s a restored school with A MAGNIFICIENT SOAKING POOL. *
Hollywood Theater/McMenamin Bagdad - gorgeous landmark theaters
Revolution Hall - Rooftop bar with great views and close to food carts
- immersive, installation (I haven’t been but have heard great things, like TeamLab) $*

Kann - Chef just won a James Beard so it’s near impossible to get a resy but it’s great*
Oma’s Hideaway or Gado Gado - Malaysian/Pan spots. I go to these religiously. Unique but always delicious
Broder Nord - my fav breakfast, scandi food. Get the Lost Egg and their coffee.
Bonus: Get Blue Star donuts to go
Salt & Straw - ice cream must
Bollywood Theater - Indian food goodness
Angel Face - so fun, the bartenders make a cocktail to you taste

If you have a car here are some farther-off options
Columbia River Gorge
Multnomah Falls
This is a busy spot. If there’s no parking, drive by slowly and check out a dif waterfall below. You may need tickets, be sure to check here
Oneta gorge & tunnel - park here and walk around!
Edgefield - see above, do this on the way back!
Hood River
Ferment Brewery
Mt. Hood
Timberline Lodge
Fruit Loop

- Mid-August, The absolute silliest, best thing ever.
- June to August, themed bike rides (cat, David Bowie,
- select weekends, very cool market with local vendors and great food
- early Feb, light based installations, performances


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