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Settle Up with Friends

Never split a bill again!
Life is too short to worry about debts between friends. Your brain has better things to do than track who spent what money where in your group. So I built this tool to automatically crunch your whole group’s expenses and generate instructions for how everyone can settle up the fastest.
Say you’re on a trip and one friend pays for the hotel, another for meals, and a third for transportation. It’s a waste of time for each person to give money to each of the others, but it’s also ridiculous overkill to set up a whole app to deal with this common occurrence.
All you have to do with this doc / app / thing here is have folks add their expenses to the and use the suggested 1-to-1 settle up payments suggested on the magic .
And if you want to use this tool to track ongoing cost splitting, for example between roommates sharing bills, you can add the settlement payments you’ve already made to the table and they’ll automatically be taken into account. Any change in the expenses or payments tables triggers an automatic recalculation of the suggested settle-up payments.

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