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About this template

An internal content request form is important because it helps streamline the process of creating and managing content requests. By providing a standardized form for employees to submit requests, teams can better prioritize and manage requests, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and that deadlines are met. Additionally, the form can capture important information about the request, such as the intended audience and purpose of the content, which can inform the content creation process.
How to make it work for you 🤩
Step 1 - Go to the Paperform website (), create an account and copy this template by clicking the “Use Template” button on the top right-hand side of the form.
Step 2 - Customise the questions, look and feel and logic to your needs
Step 3 - Click on the share button in the editor to get your unique URL and embed it in this page
Step 4 - Use our direct integration to send all your enquiries to your Coda , below:
You can get a step-by-step guide on the integration here:

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