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My preference of format is a brief description of the project that touches on the problem, the solution and the outcome (user or business), paired with a prototype. Because this is often not enough space to tell the full story, a “learn more” button or link to the full write-up is often necessary. But again, the hiring manager will likely not click that.
3. Try fitting everything noteworthy (problem, solution, outcome, prototype) “above the fold”, or at least before you think most people would drop off.

Product Thinking

What is the human problem being solved?
How do you know it’s a real human problem? (i.e. what research insights or data backs it up?)
Why does the business care about this? What business metrics or outcomes might the solution affect?
What was the actual outcome of this work? Was it successful? Did you meet or exceed the business metrics? If not, why?
Knowing what you know now, what might you go back and do differently?

Visual Design

Did you work within existing pattern libraries or OS guidelines? Or did you develop something new? Either way, why?
How did the use of color, typography, etc. help you solve the problem you identified?
Do you have rationale for each design decision, big and small?

Interaction Design

What was the hardest interaction design problem you came across? How many iterations did you go through? How did you choose the end solution?
What is one example of how this started out more complex, and you simplified it over time?
How do you use design to gently guide the user to an intended outcome?
Did you prototype the flow, adding motion design to ensure it is a quality experience?

1. In order to reduce the length of your portfolio piece, try focusing on what is most important:
product thinking
visual design
, and
interaction design
2. If you want to highlight your interaction design skills, include a prototype with every portfolio piece including micro-interactions and animations. It shows a level of craft and attention to detail that is desirable in a well-rounded designer. Prototyping used to be icing on the cake; it is becoming table-stakes.
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