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Hello, I am Harrison Lai

I am product designer with 3+ years of experience in designing and shipping software solutions. Stepping into the field of design from an engineering background and coming from a different cultural background empowers me to view things from multiple perspectives.
Working as an in-house designer in a smaller size company give me the opportunity to initiate, lead and drive the projects. Therefore, I have developed a strong sense of ownership. Due to the nature of our company, I often wear multiple hats when needed, including research, product design, recruiting and driving product vision. Juggling multiple roles allows me to gain experience in various disciplines. My prior work experience in an agency settings trained me to become a fast learner as it was important for me to swiftly grasp new concept and domain knowledge.
My philosophy is that "Things can always be better." This is precisely why I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to create better solutions, ultimately, that make people’s lives better.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Born and raised in Taiwan 🇹🇼
Designing in Florida 🇺🇸

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