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Harrison Lai

Copy of Organizing an event or webinar

In-person meetups are on pause until further notice. The community used to host many offline events, and we hope to get back there once it's safe.

Here's a guide that can help with virtual events:

Benefits of hosting a virtual event

Accessible -
Anyone can join regardless of their location. Plus, you may have a recording afterward for anyone who'd like to watch at a later point.
Easy to set up -
It's relatively quick to set up an online event if you have the right tools.
Scalable -
For public events, an unlimited number of people can join.


Below are a few examples of events and webinars from August 2020:

Tools we recommend

: you can use Zoom video calls for up to 100 people in one room.
: this platform is great for public events with 1-3 speakers. You can also stream Crowdcast directly to your YouTube channel.
You are not required to use these tools - they're just recommendations!

Setting up

Choose a date.
Pick a format for your event. Having a "co-pilot" can be very helpful - consider bringing someone else on board to host with you.
Guest presentation
Workshop & skill building
Show & tell from the attendees
Choose the tool you'd like to use. This depends on the format and size of the crowd.


Promote your event.
Take a practice run ahead of time. Make sure you know how the tools you're using work.
Double check your speakers and microphone ahead of time.
Send instructions beforehand to any speakers presenting.


Make sure you're in a quiet place with good internet.
If you have a set schedule, watch the clock.
Make sure anyone speaking has a good microphone connection.


Follow up with attendees.
Post about the event on Twitter and tag

More resources

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