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Why are pieces are important?

During our many seasons doing FIRST LEGO League, we have accumulated many LEGO pieces. We started out with the basic EV3 kit and SpikePrime kit, but needed more pieces than were supplied in one kit. As we built more and more structures, we realized how disproportionate the kits were to LEGO robotics. We went to sites like BrickLink and BrickOwl to get pieces but not everyone knows what pieces to get.
After experimenting with so many different kinds of LEGOs, we found the most useful LEGOs and put them into a few kits. We matched the proportion to the pieces you would need during the competition and got rid of unnecessary pieces. We also wanted the kits it be personalized for each team depending on what they need, so we created different levels of kits. Look below for a run-down on the different levels.

Level 1

The level 1 kit has the bare minimum a team will need during the season. This kit includes pieces to build your base robot.

Level 2

The level 2 kit includes enough pieces for a starter team. This kit will include pieces to build your robot and pieces for attachments.

Level 3

The level 3 kit includes almost everything a team might need during the season. Some items added in level 3 are half pieces, long axles, different kinds of gears and more.

We can make custom ordered kits for your team based on the levels above and what you already own. To start a request for a LEGO kit, fill out the form here:

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