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#Panda Power Robotics

Welcome to #PandaPower Robotics

An organization dedicated to enabling FLL teams around the world

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A bit about us...

When we were starting our first year of FIRST LEGO League, we had no idea what to do. We went into our first competition practically blind, with no idea what to expect. By some luck, we made it through the qualifiers and were enthused enough to continue. But on the other hand, we saw so many other new teams at our first qualifier, many of whom were discouraged by not advancing and dropped out of the program shortly after.
Over the years, our team built on our early success and grew into a pretty successful team, #PandaPower. For the past 7 seasons, we have been invited to the World Festival 4 out of 7 years. We’ve had a lot of fun, and also learned what it takes to be a championship LEGO robotics team.
We want to share this knowledge with others so we are creating #PandaPower Robotics to help rookie and underserved teams become successful, driven FLL teams. Having done this for 7 years now, we feel we have learned a lot of practical knowledge that can help teams get over the early learning curve and into the fun part of the FLL experience.

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