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First Lego League Cargo Connect Scoring Calculator from #PandaPower Robotics

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First Lego League Cargo Connect Scoring Calculator

A simple scoring calculator from team #PandaPower
Hi! We’re team #PandaPower robotics. We’ve competed for 5 seasons in First Lego League, and we’ve now created as a resource for helping FLL teams all around the world!
(Note: if you don’t much about FLL, here’s a to get oriented.)
Although there are lots of scoring calculators out there, every season, we make our own scoring calculator that matches our way of scoring. It also works better with our route planner, but more about that in a later post.
This year, we actually made two calculators:
is the primary calculator for the overall game (matching the )
is made just for where to put containers (since their locations are mutually exclusive)

You can use this doc here in “Play mode” or you can make a copy for yourself.
We’d love feedback! Email us at , and subscribe to our !

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