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All PSR Activities

Web need help
Server maintenance (being there when things break)mavros will check with Ignas
Server development (e.g. talkover feature)
Development of new web features (PHP & Laravel skills needed)need help fast
e.g. CMS upload interface;
showmaker pages;
changing web colors.
Making the “Artworks” page load faster
Improve the scrolling in “Archive” page (make it as in the home page)
Mobile web home page shows low resolution latest mix artworks
Development of PSR apps (iOS, Android)
Discord Development
Would be great to display mix or track ID (integration with Libretime) / Autoshazam
Coda Development
Audio gear need help
Gear maintenance (being there when it breaks, maintaining an order) need need help
Gear development (e.g. jingle soundboard, acoustic treatment, new mac, de-esser, sound editing presets)
Creating tutorials of studio use need help
Curating shows editing tutorial needed
Being in contact with the showmaker, collecting info (times, artwork, description)
Hosting showakers in the studio
Giving feedback
Social media announcements
Creating Libretime blocks (for one-time shows and recurring shows)
Editing the recordings
Editing tutorial needed
Documenting info in
Libretime Create tutorials for Libre use
Libretime is PSR's online radio broadcast & show automation platform. Here we schedule shows, create playlists and smart blocks.
(navigate the menu on the left)
Monitoring for empty gaps and filling them in
Creating new shuffling blocks (e.g. SENTIMENTAL CAR or MAMOS MUZIKA)
Creating replay blocks for shows that have 5+episodes
Create tutorials for Libre use - Mavros will do
Include more public tags into Archiving tutorial - Linas & Mavros
Documenting in
Audio editing add tutorials here
Helping show curators with the workload (editing sound recordings)
Show archiving
Help show curators with the workload
Record podcasts as service Tutorials needed
No one is managing this field, but all curators can practice it
It’s a great way to earn some cash for PSR
Skills needed: use of mics & sound editing
Tutorials needed
Recommended price: 1 hour of hosting 30 Euro, need to check local prices Editing 1 hour of sound 30 Euro extra. Best to receive as a or we can issue invoices. PSR pays 50% to the person doing the job (invoice needed)
Everyone who uses the studio regularly cleans and cares for it. If someone can’t make it, they should find another person who can do it.
Manage the and update
Register utilities, send them to the landlord each month on the 25th.
Fix things when they break (e.g. plumbing, floor, lamps, leaking, etc..) help needed
Develop new things for the studio (e.g. acoustic treatment, outside seating, light sculpture)
All volunteers can change the studio space to make it cozy (except big changes need to be discussed in weekly meetings / Discord)
Stock up with supporter Tshirts, Cups & Stickers. Arrange new designs
Update and keep track of
Manage the delivery of benefits to the supporters (meet them, or send via post / ecoparcel)
Add new supporters to PSR Mailerlite
Keep track of the list of the stupporters in
Thank all the supporters by naming them on air
Thank new supporters on social media
Create new campaigns
Manage crowdfunding jingles on the radio.
1,2% donations create 50% of our annual budget. Very important!
Start promoting 1,2% in January & continue till the submission deadline (May 1st)
Make new 1,2% campaigns (e.g. videos / posts) every year
Make 1,2% jingles for the radio, play them once per day during the promotion season
Ask the community to help and share on their channels
Membership fee recommendation
Promote supporting PSR on a bank monthly to everyone who uses the studio (when giving the key)
Cultural projects
Writing and managing projects of LTKT, Vilnius City Municipality, Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund, etc.
Support from businesses help needed
Contact businesses we promote & arrange support in goods or financing
We can thank businesses in the following ways (as regular human supporters)
On our website
One dedicated fun post on instagram thanking them
On air once a week, thanking them together with other supporters
Manage Shopiteka sales
Pack items sold, add personal thank you notes
Arrange deliveries via (for EU deliverires) or (for Worldwide deliveries)
Mark status of the sold items on
Manage the stock
Do inventory check-ups on a regular basis (e.g. every 1-2 months). Compare with quantities in Shopiteka
Order new items when needed to restock
Manage the physical store in the studio
Maintain the order
Display items nicely
Create new merch items for the shop
We do only organic certified / recycled fabrics
Arrange photoshoots for the new items
Put these items on Shopiteka
Promote online
If we sell Ukrainian Merch, make sure we donate the profit as promised (arrange with Finance crew). We’ve chosen to donate for
Events Linas will prepare guidelines how to create an event page Calendar invite needed for PSR web events (RSVP function on iCal etc.)
PSR events are essential for building & maintaining our local community
We aim to make at least 1 public event per month (open days, parties, workshops, etc)
All PSR Team members can organize PSR events
We use guidelines for and
If showmakers want to make events, manager of Events overlooks if they are done in the PSR way
We organize workshops for PSR community, Team members & Volunteers on the topics of Guidelines / Pioneer DJing / Vinyl DJing / Libretime / Silkscreen etc.
Kavinė help needed
Planning the purchasing with finance crew
Buying Coffee / Tea / Drinks., picking it up. Suggestion: PROMO Cash & Carry
Dealing with Būkčia Kombučia
Contacting Dovilė from Bukčia (
Picking up boxes by car ()
Development of Kavinė
Arranging a new coffee maker, new fridge, glasses, cutlery, plates, lights, menu, seating, dish drying area, lightbox sign?, cutting board, etc.
Making sure people donate for their drinks
Visual Ieva & Mavros will translate visual guidelines
Visual guidelines (update neeeded)
Oversee the visual identity (web, templates, other?)
Arrange atwork rotations on PSR web front page.
Create custom PSR visuals (e.g. GIFs for Instagram)
Organize community drawing initiatives (stickers, zine, etc.)
Create visuals for video streams (future idea)
Videos / photos (Linas will show Marina how to upload pictures to the website)
Documenting events, PSR life, uploading to web, youtube, instagram
Every team member can make & publish videos. Managers of this field can help
Communications help needed
One admin who manages the mailbox (replies, cleans, archives)
If admin can’t reply to the email, they inform PSR Meet Discord on the message received in #mailbox
All PSR Team Members can use the general email, but should tag themselves under Labels in conversations & inform the email admin.
Instagram (PSR values / guidelnes link needed)
Two managers for instagram inbox
All curators can reply to inbox, but they should not leave unanswered messages
Show announcements
All curators can make instagram story announcement for shows
Wall (PSR values / guidelnes link needed)
All team members can make posts on PSR instagram wall (if it fits the PSR values). If not sure if it’s ok, everyone can suggest a new post in PSR Team Discord
Story compillations
All Curators & Team members can create story compillations
Show announcements (optional)
All curators can make show announcements
Events (optional)
All team members can make events on Facebook
PSR Team Slack
One tech admin needed
PSR Supporters Discord help needed
One tech admin
One content admin who checks that communications are according to rules
Showmakers, volunteers, supporters are invited here
Newsletter needs updating
Invitations to events, special news
We do our Newsletters through Mailerlite
Community updates page needs updating
Retrospective what happened
Needs updating
All team members can upload videos on Youtube
PSR team meetings
PSR Webchat
All team members & volunteers monitor the webchat for inappropriate messages. Report to discord or admins if noticed
Soundcloud inbox
Local Goods
The idea of Local Goods to promote and showcase music made in the Palanga Community.
The idea needs a better definition of what ‘local’ means.
Budget, finance (linas will bring the generator in the studio)
Normally we buy things according to the yearly budget. We make the budget once a year.
For all non-regular purchases, we need to decide in a meeting by making & checking if we can afford it. For essential / regular things team members can make payments without a meeting, but should pay in cash & inform #finance on Slack (for payments that are more than 10 EUR, an invoice for VšĮ „Palangos gatvės radijas” should be collected)
Making sure we receive payments from Patreon, Contribee, Paypal, Stripe
Reimbursing people who make personal small payments (like getting supplies, or mailing something)
Contacting the accountant
Deliver all received / sent invoices, bank statements, Patreon & Contribee statements in end of January / beginning of February
Our accountant: Jovita Januševičienė UAB „Apskaitos partneris” ​ +370 (615) 67 477
Make sure the financial statements & declarations are submitted in time. Our accountant creates them & we need to check
Until February 15 - FR312 GPM declaration (for the payments we make to Birutė - a physical person who rents out the studio to us) - to VMI
Until February 15 - KIT711 - NT mokesčio deklaracija (Property Tax Declaration) for renting property from a physical person - to VMI
Until May 15 - submit „Paramos gavimo ir panaudojimo metinė ataskaita" (forma FR0478) to VMI
Until June 1st - Finansinė Atskaitomybė (Financial Reporting) - to Registrų Centras
Until June 15th - PLN204 Pelno Mokesčio deklaracija (profit tax declaration) - to VMI
Maintain the status of “Paramos gavėjas” (receiver of support)
We can lose this status if we don’t submit financial statements & other reports in time.
Respond to the requests of VIRSIS
VIRSIS collects info about the beneficiaries of organizations which are “Public Information Providers”. Basically we need to give info who owns the channel Palanga Street Radio (owner is VšĮ „Palangos gatvės radijas”).
Maintain contracts with Latga & Agata (making sure we pay their invoices)
For now, one person is legally responsible for the Radio, but we should move to a shared legal responsibility model
Other partnerships
Building partnerships with other radios by engaging with content exchange, projects like Morning Air, etc.
Involving all other PSR volunteers in ICRN via workshops & periodical updates
Maintaining & developing links with Reset! Network (Linas will ask to send RESET! news to PSR inbox)
Maintaining & developing links with other existing cultural partners: SODAS2123, Kala Soundsystem, KKC, Hungry Eyes, Raštinė, Juodas Šuo, other radios, Rupert, CAC, Kaunas Artists House, etc.
Building new partnerships - e.g. Vilnius City Municipality, Palanga City Municipality, other independent media initiatives

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