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Google Analytics Pack for Coda

Build reports and workflows in Coda from your Google Analytics data.


People often stare at their Google Analytics dashboard without really doing something actionable or meaningful to understand what’s going on with their data.


Build reports and workflows in Coda from you Google Analytics data. Visualize your data, add notes, collaborate with your team, and expand what’s possible.
Hi, my name is Johannes and I created the Google Analytics Pack for Coda to analyze my data, generate notes, and facilitate discussions with my team so we improve our website’s performance. You can even set up automations when you hit milestones—like Slacking your team when web traffic hits 1M views. Here’s a glimpse of what you can do:

✅ Use cases:
Build and share custom reports for your team and stakeholders.
Invite your team to analyze your website’s performance together.
Make data-based decisions, plan your marketing campaigns, and build custom automations for your data.

⭐ Start with these templates

Get Started Guide

Weekly Sync with your team

Website Milestone Tracker

👉 Get started with this template

Step #1:
Create a copy of this doc
and connect your own Google Analytics account.

Step #2: Expand the Sources table below and select the Google Analytics source to display (checkbox)
Step #3: Click the button to start the sync
Sync now
and you’re all set!

Build your own website report and share it with your team

Users & Sessions
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We had an average of 1,172 users per day, our best day was on October 18th, with 2K users. The main reason for this was our interview with Elle.

Questions about this?
What happened on Oct 18th? We go 7K sessions!
Pack Whale
Do we have a plan to grow sessions next month?
Hector Reyes
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