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EMS Inventory Management

EMS Inventory Management

A doc to keep a medical storage well-organized
Made as capstone project for the Coda Doctorate Program, August 2021

Published on Sep 3, 2021

Big thanks to my fellow doctorates
for reviewing this Doc prior to publishing. Their reviews were very helpful and led to some final optimisations.
This Coda Doc features an inventory management system.

I tailored the doc’s structure and sample content for Emergency Medical Services.
It can be used to track usage of any consumables as well as their replenishments.
Generally though, it is adaptable for other inventory related needs as well.

The following two sides of an EMS inventory management are covered:
The medical staff who replenish their used material after an emergency response
The administrator who maintains the inventory and keeps supply sufficient

In addition to the actual tracking of usage and replenishments, there are statistics that illustrate monthly and annual usage of each item.

I’m happy if this doc meets your needs.

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to start setting up your own data.

regarding any questions, ideas or suggestions is welcome.

Overview Chart

General Features

Detailed Functions

Possible Limitations

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