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Play online poker in this Coda doc!
There are hundreds of online poker platforms out there, but how many of them are actually a document that you can freely copy and dig into? If you're here, you're in the right place: this doc lets you organize and play your very own private online poker game, all in Coda. Here's a GIF:
Screen Recording 2020-02-15 at 03.37 PM CROPPED.gif

Getting Started

To get a quick idea of how this doc works, head over to and hit the "Start Demo Game" button. Then switch over to the
section and play! (By the way, this doc looks best on desktop.)
Once you're ready to play with friends, make a copy of this doc, invite them from the page (and have them join), and begin the game.

About this game

This doc runs a Texas Hold'em No Limit cash game for 2ー9 players. Blinds are fixed, as are buy-ins (for 50x the chosen big blind).

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

The main purpose of this doc is to show a proof of concept of implementing a decently complex multiplayer game in Coda. You shouldn't use this doc to play serious poker games (especially for money), for a number of reasons:
The entire game is loaded into memory by all clients. While other players' cards are not shown by default, it's easy enough to expand the player row or otherwise dig underneath the covers
There may be bugs! The basics work, but this doc is likely to break under untested conditions and edge cases

Demo Mode and God Mode

Coda Poker works best when all players are playing in the same doc with their own accounts, but you can also mess around and get a feel for the game with Demo Mode, which simply pre-fills the player table with some players and also enables God Mode. God Mode lets you see the other players' cards as well as act on behalf of them, perfect for experimenting as well as making further changes to this doc.

So what works?

While this doc isn't meant to implement a 100% fully functioning poker game, the following things seem to work:
Basic gameplay, i.e., starting a game with 2-9 players and playing multiple hands
Detecting all valid poker hands, determining the best one, and awarding or splitting the pot to the winner(s)
Checking, calling, and folding
Raising and re-raising

The following may or may not properly work:
Side pots
All-in gameplay

The following isn't implemented:
Joining and leaving games midway
Log of what happened over time
Other types of poker
A rake for the house ;)

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