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Weekend outdoors - noticeboard

2021 July - 9 Friday | 10 Saturday | 11 Sunday @ Silver Spring Farm (my dads field - map below)
This is a rough outline, let me know of any suggestions / improvements.
This is a magic document that will keep changing.
Let me know if you want any changes made : )
You might suggest we turn our phones off
Bring a swimming kit if you like.
🌦️ There is a marquee that has been left up from a do the previous weekend : )

The Settlers

People have confirmed for camping - The
ScottsGardi-VsWest onesCarenza crew
Something to go on a Taco
Your own choices for DIY eating for the weekend

The Visitors

People will visit at some point but not stay - The
MMMLsCarenza crewLocalsWest onesScotts
A salad or accompaniment to share.
Let Oliver know if you might camp : )

Still awaiting some responses - let me now if you change your mind and I will keep this up to date.


People seem to be up for collaborative feasting. I like cooking on the fire.
A couple of simple things that work well:
I just remembered I have the giant Paella dish (60cm) and a small one (40cm). I’ll bring those.
Taco / wraps worked well last time. make a couple of things on the fire (beans, vegetables and meat it you want) People bring simple contributions to shove on top. I have loads of broad beans in the veg box. Lidl had loads of Padron peppers yesterday.
Shakshouka or Huevos rancheros
The usual go to for breakfast on a fire. peppers, tomato sauce, with eggs poached in it. I might make one?


Does anyone want me to bring the pizza oven? I’m not making pizza for everyone this time : )
Oh yeah - and kids. what do they eat?
Does anyone want to introduce anything different?

What is on?

9 Friday 🔥

Afternoon: I will arrive about 4pm for set up. No other plans.
Dinner: Taco - bring something to put on top.
I’ll make a couple of bean things, some limey red onion, spice and will bring some wraps.
I can list anything you might bring here if you like?

10 Saturday 🌮

All day: Relax and Enjoy
Breakfast & Lunch: DIY
Evening: Dinner in the neighbors Poly-tunnel
Neil says maybe Lasagne and salads or something specific on the barbeque.
Bring something small and salady if you can

11 Sunday 🏊

All day: Relax and Enjoy. Maybe have a swim in the pool?
Brunch: Paella
I’ll do a Paella using any the left over veg, a large punnet of mushrooms, Haloumi, cherry toms, etc. haloumi on the side if anyone’s non-dairy. etc. Someone can do a non-vegi one if they like in the other pan.
Afternoon: Head home at some point.
♻️ We will need to take our recycling with us when we leave.
Let me know if you want to add anything - do people do three legged, egg and spoon, sack races? Maybe that’s what your dreaming of?

Where are we?


📱 Check back here nearer to the time for updates !

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