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Opendoor & OS National Talent Board

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Opendoor & OS National Talent Board

These are some of our incredible teammates who were impacted by the recent staff reduction. They've opted in to share information about themselves and the roles they seek. Please reach out to them directly about any relevant opportunities.
Are you an Opendoor or OS National Alumni looking to either opt in or opt out of this list? Please reach out to , provide your name and email address and clarify which action you would like for us to take.
If you would like to opt-in, we will send you a Google Form or MS Form link to complete.
If you want to opt-out, we will remove you from the list within 24 hours or receiving your request.
Additionally, please stay connected to Opendoor & OS National colleagues (current and past) for networked referrals and additional visibility opportunities via our & on LinkedIn.

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