Retreat proposal for Resourcify

Retreat proposal for Resourcify

Dear Annike,

Please find the proposals for Resourcify’s retreat. As the dates are very soon and in very high season, the ideal setup (Jan 9-12 in Austria) was unfortunately impossible to find, so here are the closest ideas:

- Jan 16-19 (Tue-Fri the week after)
- Jan 7-10 (2 days earlier)
- original dates, but not accessible by train

A few more details to note:
All of the options are in the same price range, with the distinction being that in Czechia and Austria the setup is shared rooms (the beds in Austria are even not possible to be disconnected, whereas in Czechia it’s possible, making it twin, not double occupancy).
In Serbia the setup is calculated with 15 twin rooms (separate beds) and 20 singles. Additionally, this option also includes two team building activities per person, a full board and a party for 50 people. In short, the price is the same, but it’s a bigger bang for your buck. If you were to go down in room count, making all rooms twin occupancy, the price would be even lower.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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