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Pre-departure info

Athens: Pre Departure
It’s almost time to pack your laptop and head to the Logos All Hands 2024!
Here’s a few pre-departure tips and guidelines to keep in mind as you prepare for our event.
Who to contact:
We are very lucky to have Milana and Iva from Onsite Hub help arrange this event with us. Milana will be available in Athens to help answer any logistic questions alongside Terry from People Ops.
You can contact Terry, Milana (milana_mk_67264) or Iva (ivabatinovic) any time on Discord.
Athens airport has free wifi so you can log in soon as you land.

Transfers from the Airport to the Hotel
Group transfers from the airport to the hotel has been organised for your convenience. We've carefully grouped individuals based on their arrival times, ensuring that you'll be accompanied by at least one or two other contributors. This means minimal waiting time for you upon arrival!
Finding your transfer is simple — just keep an eye out for the Logos sign with your name on it in the arrival hall. If you can’t locate the driver, please reach out to the transfer agency via WhatsApp:
Papadatos Giannis +306945931362
Maris Konstantinos +306944041117
And don't stress if your flight is delayed; we'll make sure another transfer is arranged for you. If you’re experiencing delays, please ping Milana or Iva with your updated info.
For those travelling with a companion or already in Athens, please remember to make your own arrangements to the hotel, as previously agreed with Terry.
Any issues, please discord message Terry or Milana
Transfers from the Hotel to the Airpot:
Group transfers have also been arranged for anyone who requires them. Details regarding these transfers to the airport will be communicated to you once you're in Athens!
Hotel Address:
Brown Acropol, Athens - Panagi Tsaldari, Pireos 1, Athina 105 52, Greece
Skylark Aluma, Athens - 3, Marikas Kotopouli Str, Athina 104 31, Greece
Dining and Expense Claims Guidelines:
Breakfast, lunch and some dinners will be pre paid for by Logos. However, there are several free evenings for you to plan as you wish. You can use this time to arrange dinners with other Contributors, explore the city or have some downtime.
The standard per diem will not be applicable for the Logos all-hand. Please note that you have a maximum claimable amount of up to USD $50 per day for the days you need to purchase your own dinner. Please keep all receipts to track against these expenses on your return.
As a guidance for what is claimable whilst travelling for IFT can be found here:
Communication throughout the event will be through the logos-all-hands-2024 channel on the logos server. Please make sure you have notifications on so you don’t miss any important announcements.

Recording and photos:
Christian will be recording all the talks during the event. These recordings will be made available for contributors to watch at a later date, ensuring that everyone has access to the valuable content shared during the offsite.
There won't be an official photographer present during the event. However, feel free to share any photos to this designated folder for others to access and enjoy:
If any Contributors prefer not to be photographed or recorded during the event, please contact Terry on Day 1. Terry will issue a wristband to indicate your preference, ensuring your privacy wishes are respected throughout the duration of the offsite.
This approach allows Contributors to enjoy the event while also respecting their preferences regarding privacy and photography.

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