Use emerging AI tools to power content marketing production at scale.

AI Background

AI tools can now allow us to:
Research keywords and competitor content positioning
Isolate top performing content demand topics
Generate search engine optimized marketing content at scale without the engagement of copywriters and SEO team
As an Internet-veteran who has embedded SEO strategies into all my Internet projects, I'm excited about the new generation of AI applications to research and generate content at scale.

Work Phases

1. Assumptions

Understand what people search for. Their search intent during different parts of the customer journey.
Perceiving search intent
Defining your market
Evaluating search demand - use to understand demand
Profiling the competition
Competitive dynamics

2. Assets

How do you respond to that assumption? Determine What content assets do you need to create.
1. Volume-driving terms
2. Analyze competitors and others -
3. Finding the content gaps
4. Build a plan

3. Answers

How will people end up at your product and service. Create content that walks the customer from top-of-funnel queries to specific solution.
Use to guide content production plan

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