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Afghan Dishes

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The ultimate collection of Afghan dishes. This document is best viewed on a computer, not mobile.


This summer, I spent some time with my fiancé collecting every published Afghan cookbook I could get my hands on. We noticed that some books contained recipes that others did not, and some books shared recipes. So, I decided to create a database of every Afghan dish we came across — along with every Afghan restaurant across North America.
Today, this exercise has netted us with exactly
dishes. I also created a collection of
Afghan restaurants across North America. All of this data is available in this document (use the links above).

What this is

This is only a collection of dishes and data that I put together that helps us cook Afghan food. As part of this, I created:
A collection of every Afghan dish name, translation, and category that I could get my hands on
A collection of every Afghan restaurant in North America (U.S./Canada)
A survey of the top 3 most popular dishes in each restaurant
Some fun stats and figures

What this is not

This is NOT a collection of recipes. If you’re looking for a recipe, I recommend purchasing any of these fantastic books from or search for it online.

Why did I do this?

I’m a geek, I love food, and I’m Afghan. The math checks out.
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