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Planning a Roadtrip with Coda

I spent last weekend planning a family roadtrip from California to Colorado. Coda made planning and getting organized a lot easier.
Let’s start with I was planning: The way I set up the table automatically calculates the route from my previous location to the next stop including the driving duration, making it easier to chop up the trip in realistic blocks. We like to reserve most of the campgrounds and hotels ahead of time to travel with peace of mind, hence the “Booked” checkbox to mark off all the reservations we have taken care of already, and a conditional filter marking all the places we have not booked ahead and where we want to arrive at the campground early enough.
We use the to collect all the myriad of information that relate to the trip, either in a structured way in the table or simply as text below - Coda as a powerful all-in-one doc is perfect for structured and unstructured information.
I used Coda’s Bookmark tool (that is launching soon) to automatically copy information from the many tabs I have open in my browser into the incoming table to keep track of them. From that table I can classify them easily and move them to the right part of the doc to not be overwhelmed by the amount of information:
either they are new stops added to the route,
or interesting information I want to collect that I need during the trip, in which case I mark for which part of the trip they are needed,
or things I need to take care of before my trip (classify as doing, shopping or packing)
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